Cherry Bridge Station China

Store 3B02, Floor 3, Jiaxin City Plaza (Phase 1),
Shundae District, Foshan, Guandong, China

Call :+86 0757-2229 9595

What is Cherry Bridge Station Play and Learn?

Our Cherry Bridge Station (CBS) Play & Learn Centres provide a dynamic and stimulating environment for children aged 1 – 12 years of age, by offering supported learning with our qualified educators coordinating and managing the daily schedules. Our programs are carefully structured to the highly legislated standards set out in the early learning framework of the Australian Educational System. This allows children and their parents the opportunity to access a full curriculum of activity based learning, all delivered in a 7 week course.
After booking their first session parents can access the course and curriculum online and through our ‘Booking Office’. The deliberate planning and timing of daily sessions allows ease of access and flexibility through the daily 12 hour opening times.

Why join our Cherry Bridge Station Play and Learn Centres?

Joining a Cherry Bridge Station Play & Learn Centre you will find we provide all the facilities and staff training to cater for children of all cultures. This environment allows them to learn English in a world-class, contemporary and inclusive setting. CBS provides this learning environment reflective of the progressive values evident in mainstream China.
All CBS Centres implement our extensive resources and merchandise, specifically created to support educational goals and developmental milestones. Our resources are unique in the early learning sector and they capture the principles of Cherry Bridge Station’s educational adventures. We also promote Australian Standard English learning opportunities for parents to enjoy with their children.

What makes Cherry Bridge Station Play and Learn so much fun?

We deliver non-stop creative learning fun at our Cherry Bridge Station Play & Learn Centres. This is central to the growth of our global brand design which derives its iconic appearance from the established British train and train station theme. Inspired by the age of steam trains and the lovely old railways of a bygone era, children can revel in the splendour of the grand platforms and ambient concourse of Cherry Bridge Station.
Families will also meet our quintessential characters, ‘Stanley’ the Station Master and ‘Percy’ the Porter, our three remarkable children named Brilliance, Brava and Erian, and many more fun personalities who capture the excitement of education.

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Activity based early learning and English language tuition for ages 1-12 years

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We Provide :

  • Fun Creative Learning
  • 11 hour opening times from 10:00am to 11:00pm.
  • Australian Educational Standards
  • Fully Qualified Educators
  • Flexible Schedule Delivered in 2 Years

Centre Manager Profile



I am very happy to bring my skills as an early learning educator and manager to the Cherry Bridge Station Play & Learn Centre here in Jiaxin City Plaza, Shunde.
I have a team of dedicated educators and staff who are all highly qualified in Early Childhood Education and Services, and I look forward to meeting many new families joining our exceptional new centre.
Kind regards, Sunny
Centre Manager of CBS Shunde

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